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Attract professionals faster and with lower costs. Our platform has already completed the preliminary work for you!
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Hard skills + Soft skills

The platform has collected information about your best candidate throughout his job training and that’s not all!

Candidates are tested for soft skills, including interpersonal skills, adaptability, and the ability to work as part of a team.

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The only thing you need to do is to set up the search for your ideal candidate!

There is no need to blindly trust everything a potential employee says. The knowledge and skills of talented people are assessed by an educational institution, the platform tests candidates for social skills, and then uses artificial intelligence to match them to your need.
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No more time wasted on writing vacancy announcements, paying for dozens of different platforms to post them, and doing useless pre-qualifying interviews.

The platform:

  • Collects reliable information about candidates
  • Tests candidates
  • Designs user-friendly portfolios to make viewing easier and faster
  • Allows sorting portfolios per your request and by any dimension, from occupation to the city of residence
  • Provides credible information about candidates based on recommendations of educational institutions, knowledge tests, and portfolio analysis
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Hiring a professional became faster and cheaper!


Recruitment is no longer time-consuming and exhausting


After running a series of soft skills tests, we can tell you which candidates are best suited for teamwork, and which candidates work well alone and can take responsibility for a project.

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Attracting talented people to your team is priceless!

All the time spent on searching and screening new employees would be better invested in adapting talented people to your team.

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